Withdrawing from drugs or alcohol may possibly turn out to be life-threatening; a disease that withdrawals emerges in those who have abused drugs or alcohol for years, months, and even days. When someone suffering from addiction significantly decreases his or her alcohol or drug consumption or quits “cold turkey”, is where symptoms of withdrawal would come about.

Alcohol and drug withdrawals are groups of symptoms that arise due to the reduction of alcohol or drug intake. Withdrawal symptoms typically come about when an individual has become mentally or physically dependent on their drug of choice. However, withdrawal symptoms could occur after one night of drinking or drugging. A common mistaken belief about withdrawals is they only arise when the abuser has taken illegal drugs or drinking too much. Nevertheless, this is not true—even though an individual might have a prescription from a doctor.
All substances produce a vast amount of withdrawal symptoms when the abuse has come to an end. Not all suffering individual’s withdrawal period will be the same. The severity of withdrawal symptoms one may experience will depend solely on how long or how much was abused at a time. Withdrawing could come to be fatal or resort in death if not medically assisted.

What is Detox?

Detoxification is a process of cleansing an addicts body of all toxic and unsafe chemicals they have acquired during their addiction. Individuals suffering with drug and alcohol addiction tend to shy away from recovery because they will have to detox. Detoxification is a painful, dreadful process caused by withdrawal, a collection of symptoms that include tremors, fatigue, restlessness, joint pain, vomiting and nausea. Some of the more severe symptoms include but not limited to seizures and hallucinations.

Detox is vital in any individual’s treatment plan. It will be difficult for someone trying to recover to focus on their recover while distracted by the symptoms of withdrawal and not clear headed. Once the recovering individuals body is cleansed from all toxic chemicals drugs and alcohol contain, the process of reaching the real issues are no longer masked and recovery can begin.

Now, at our treatment center, knowing how painful withdrawals can be, our clients must endure a medically assisted withdrawal period, or detox. For the period withdrawals are present, the first step taken would be easing the symptoms, helping the recovering addict become as comfortable as possible.

Take Action! Rebuild Your Life Today!

The earlier rehabilitation and treatment is decided upon, the larger the chances of reaching long-term sobriety and clean time will be. We have a goal—to gradually and safely decrease the recovering addict’s necessity for drugs and alcohol so they can reconstruct their lives and become all they imagined themselves being. The time is now; to change a recovering individual’s life around. Call us today—(954) 210-4455