Watching someone you care about destroy their life with drugs and alcohol can prove extremely painful. The addicted individual’s family and friends generally experience an underprivileged quality of life psychologically, financially and spiritually while taking on permissive and codependent behaviors.

When is the right time to seek Help?

Alcohol and drug addiction is a disease that starts as a choice and ends as a need. As states, everybody is impacted by drug and alcohol abuse. Consequently, a successful alcohol or drug intervention does not depend only on the suffering individual, but the family and disease as a whole.

We have faith interventions are necessary step to help the alcohol or drug abuser realize the damage they have caused themselves and loved ones due to addiction. Some addicts feel they can overcome their addiction on their own. Sadly, this is an unrealistic hope. The abuser will then likely continue abusing alcohol or drugs, engaging in hostile behaviors, while enduring the path of low self-respect, hopelessness, and additional abuse. It is often necessary to hold an intervention to save the addicts life.

Alcohol or drug abuse frequently becomes central in the abuser’s life, the principal meaning in their life becomes how and when to get that next high or drunk. It is crucial to seek treatment before addiction advances to this phase.

However, there is still hope if the suffering individual has hit this point, though conditions will become frightful from both mental and physical health perspectives. Now, at our treatment center, our support could inspire the addicted one to seek rehabilitation and truthfully mean the difference between life and death.

We have a goal: to motivate the addict to get help. Remember, an intervention is not therapy and is used strictly to save lives from the pits of addiction.

Intervention Guidelines

In order to have a successful intervention, you will need a strong intervention team. A solid team would consist of parents, spouses, children, siblings, friends, and family members. However, not all friends and family members need to be involved. Consequently, excluding individuals who would cause more harm than good would be beneficial.

Though choosing a solid team is primary to a successful intervention, choosing the right location could prove just as important. Pick an environment free from any possible temptations that may trigger the addict.

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